The ultimate package for Big Picture Entrepreneurs.

You have a brilliant concept, sky-high plans and a drive beyond imagination.


You’re so busy getting caught up in the dream of the end point that the actual execution doesn’t seem to be progressing.

What you need is a set of clear strategies to grow and develop your business idea.

This package is for you if:

  • You have a craving to create something exceptional in your business and life.
  • You want to create a purpose and passion driven business.
  • You know that this journey cannot be a solo expedition.
  • You’re ready to make a significant energetic investment to making your business thrive.
  • You value your own expertise.
  • You’re not satisfied to stay in your current financial and emotional position.
  • You recognize that we all have fears but that there are strategies available to move past them.


This package relies on a process that involves a trust and connection between you and I.

For this reason it is important we schedule a complimentary Discovery Session to ensure we are a great fit.

What will we work on?

Before we commence working together I will send you my signature Welcome Pack.

This questionnaire and goal board is designed to effectively map where you are in your journey and where you desire to be.

Each package is then designed for you based on 3 key business developmental areas.

Below are some of the topics we may speak about.


  • Get clear on your true purpose in your business.  
  • Define what success means to you in both business and life.
  • Outline your mission to create change in this world.
  • Delve into the why in your business and life.


  • Get clear on whom your target market is.
  • Find out what their wants and needs are.
  • Learn to communicate with them using their language to create connection and trust.
  • Uncover why you clients need your product or service.


  • Build a team of loyal members to grow your business.
  • Automate your business to enable your time to be used more efficiently.
  • Schedule your time efficiently to enable the best ROI.
  • Create a clear and concise strategy to scale and grow your business without getting the wobbles.


  • Uncover your money story and what stories are holding you back.
  • Take charge as the expert in your field.
  • Learn strategies to rewrite your own excuses and stories to a fearless mindset


  • Design products and services that your clients want.
  • Create strategies to enable consistent sales utilising effective marketing without begging.
  • Learn how to be confident in selling your business and services.
  • Effectively price your products and services for you and your market.


  • Learn how to build a community of loyal subscribers.
  • Create ethical enticements that convert.
  • Listen to what you ideal clients want from you.


  • Reveal your brand story to enable you to tell you story visually.
  • Create a consistent and cohesive brand across all platforms.
  • Learn how to manage the basics of your own brand.


  • Discover what social media strategies is effective tor reach your clients.
  • Build strategies that convert your social media viewers to loyal subscribers.
  • Create communication streams that are outside the box of normal digital communications.
  • Establish marketing goals and create accountability to make sure shit gets done.


  • Learn to create and manage your own WordPress website.
  • Create a compelling story to take your viewers through your website effectively.
  • Learn to create Sales Pages that convert to dream clients and customers.


  • Learn how to find your target marketing.
  • Learn how to target and test your market
  • Create copy and images that convert to market.
  • Understand how to read and interpret your marketing results.

Included Value:

  • 1 X  Business Goal & Strategy Intensive.
  • 11 x 60-minute business strategy sessions (via Skype or Phone.)


  • Welcome Pack to clarify your business purpose and enable me to understand your goals.
  • A library of our calls to review at your convenience.
  • 3 Months email support with 24 hours turnaround.
  • A FREE Membership to The Roooar Room (valued at $250.00) 


Option One: Paid in Full –  $4,000.00
Option Two : Plan $500.00 Deposit and then 12 weekly payments of  $335.00.

Are you ready?



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your process work?

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