You want need:

  • A better kind of client
  • Spare brainpower to focus on the parts of the business you adore
  • More money in the bank
  • Actual holidays

Let me blow your mind with just how easy it becomes when you match;

  1. how you’d like your business and life to look
  2. with tried and tested strategies to create systems that make it all oh, so simple.

Then, there’s the profit.

Now, feel your heart race?

Business Building Truths

Stop believing business isn’t working beautifully because you’re not good at ‘your thing’. You’re already the pro at that – no PD required. You need help with all the stuff that sits languishing in the ‘other’ list.

And then to make room for some serious profit. 

I could just tell you what to do.

But I won’t. Yes, I’m a natural bossy boots. But I’m far more interested in seeing you become the boss.

Because building a strategy that suits you, your business, your kids’ footy training, reconnecting with the women you used to be friends with before you started your company, (and remember what it was like to read actual novels?) that process is far more important than giving you all the answers.

What I will give you is a story about bottoms; healthy bottom lines and unhealthy butt-spread. Take a read here.

I’m Lauren, owner of 3 businesses, Chief Editor of a magazine, business strategist, marketing maven, agency owner, and living epitome of what it looks like to be a multipotentialite.

(Yep, I run all 3 at once. Nope, haven’t gone insane yet. Why? See: Processes, Systems, Automation.)

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