When you’re profitable, organised, and systemised, you have a healthy bottom line. ✅

When you’re overwhelmed, miserable, and struggling, you just have… a big bottom. 🍑

I know this from experience.

I know the rules. All of them. Trends, strategy and knowledge are wounded gazelles; I hunt them down like I'm a lioness in her prime. Rules are my jam. I smash them to smithereens, put them back together, and get them to work specifically for you.

I’ve always been like this; from the time I started my own business at 24 to turning over the multiple zeros within the first year, to never being afraid to call you to accountability, to my ability to spot the calm within the storm of your kerfuffle, to creating a business for myself that embraces and supports my multipotentialite nature.

My Mother calls it “defiant”. I call it “determined”. Whatever. What it adds up to is kick-assery in business and a life I couldn’t love more.

I’m organised but flexible. I have a good grasp of big-picture thinking but can handle small details. I’m a fixer – I see a problem and I am already brainstorming on how to help. Which is incredibly helpful for you if we work together.

More importantly, I’m interested in what you want.

Because, when it comes down to it, you need to do real business, really well, and at the end of the day be satisfied with all three arms of your life - health, wealth, and happiness. 

Simplify the hard parts. Work with you in a way where you make my tried and tested strategies your own. Feel like someone totally gets you. Make you some profit. Show you how to fortify, rethink or restructure how you work in your business so you can leverage your time and get some clarity. Create the space for you to take a holiday, do school pick-ups, have a day off once in a while. Make you some profit. Teach you to make friends with processes, systems, and automations (so you love them as much as I do).

And, did I mention making some profit?

If you could clone the crazy dedication you have for your big dream and share it with another human, that’s what it feels like working with me. I see your big dream. I understand it. Every tiny detail, every sighed nuance. All the elements you haven’t considered yet. I fall in love with it just about as much as you do (only I’m not exhausted by it!)

Then, we break down the big dreams into manageable pieces of a very cool puzzle – making each task understood and achievable. You get excited about actually doing the work. Together, we figure out which systems you can implement to grow your business – the way that suits you. There’s no one-size-fits-all anything at Lauren June. (Except yoga pants.) It’s all custom created. Your business, your way. For a health, wealth, happiness, and a healthy bottom line.

what I do

for you

I didn’t start out as a High Priestess of Profit. I found I was one after saving businesses (mainly from themselves) through my first foray into business; a successful bookkeeping company. Quickly, we gained a reputation for being able to help clients who were in real trouble. Because they didn’t just have cashflow issues – they had layers and layers of messy business practices in areas like structure, systems, marketing, and processes. The lack of profit was just one symptom of the whole disease.

Speaking of illness, I was 25, had multiple staff, a huge turnover, and I was hot at my job. Man, did we look good on paper. But that business? It made me sick. My bottom line might have looked healthy on the books, but my actual bottom expanded at the same rate as my profit margin.

I learned, by example, that good numbers don’t necessarily amount to good business. I learned that to be profitable, successful, healthy, and happy, I’d need to build a business that suited how I wanted to live. 

And my way didn’t include any more…bottom.

Now, regardless of whether your bottom is your issue, or you just wish you could spend more time with your children, or you hate yourself for thinking about cashflow when you’re meant to be soaking up family time, or you haven’t taken a vacation since The Backstreet Boys were on the radio, I can help.

There are a thousand words on this website explaining all the ways I help you do your thing better and easier  and make money while you're doing it. 

So, I’ll just give you what you came to this page for. A sneaky peek, a glance behind the business curtain, a glimpse of The Wonderful World of (L)Oz. From there, you can decide if I’m your cup of tea. I trust you. You’re smart like that.

But I will tell you my bottom story too. Promise.

First thing you should know about me: breaking the rules tickles me pink. Which is odd, because I’m a systems and numbers girl, and that’s ALL about the rules.

Here’s how I combine rules with breaking:

how I do it

it for you

What was that
about bottoms?

Working with Lauren has increased the profitability of my business by more than double. 


Working with Lauren is hands down one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. 


Her coaching was invaluable in helping me get clear on the practical steps to launch my new product


Working with Lauren came at a time when so much was shifting and changing personally and professionally


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I'm not just all about

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business is about choice

perfection doesn't
make you profitable

we believe we will do

connection over competition

your competitor can be your friend

selling isn't ick