I love curious people, so here’s a bit of my current story:

I live with my partner, Brad, (I can’t call him my boyfriend, we’re in our 30’s!) in the peaceful hills surrounding Perth, WA. The view from my office is extraordinary and our property and extends down to the heritage trail.

It’s fortunate, as the house sitting atop the hill could only be called a “Renovator’s Delight”, but we’ve resisted knocking it over and instead it’s been our ongoing project for the last couple of years. It’s sometimes chaos, but the home is truly ours – our sweat, laughter and planning is in every corner of the house.

I love travelling to amazing places but also appreciate sinking into total homebody-ness.

My partner is a commercial pilot and races 4WD’s in his spare time (when he’s not tiling, repairing cornice or installing pressed tin.)

In the past, I’ve been his navigator for off road racing. However, I am now retired from my illustrious driving career in 2014 after a particularly unpleasant incident. Not a crash, thankfully, but my stomach decided my racing days were over.

We share the property with two Australian Shepherds – Ralphie, and our new pup, Ned. We are well aware that we treat them like humans. My friends with children will often comment that our dogs eat better than their husbands. You can catch my walks with Ralphie over on my Instagram.


I work with you to create strategies to build a business that is has a core of steel, so you don’t suffer any of the ramifications I’ve seen break business.

I break down the small aspects of your big dreams to make them achievable. Together we implement systems to grow your business while regularly checking in with you to make sure that the business we are building is what you want and is sustainable for your lifestyle.

I work with clients in finding their business identities, designing the business that supports the lifestyle they crave, and teaching them the best strategies to market, brand and run their successful enterprise.

More importantly, I teach women to value their energy, their work and charge what they are worth.



She ardently believes that women have all the resources and abilities to have control of their business and, as an outcome, of their lives. Her purpose is to empower business women by showing them how to best build a business beginning with rock solid foundations. She advocates constant learning of skills that can be used to support the dream lifestyle so many women crave.

As a qualified, successful business woman and life/business strategist, Lauren understands the way women work their businesses and the challenges they face. Running her own prosperous company from the age of 24, she has experienced the feeling of ‘having it all’, making the magical six-figure income and managing a team of employees. Learning about her own business desires meant that Lauren decided on a different course – one of financial fulfillment alongside helping other women to build their idea of a dream lifestyle at the same time. With a background and qualifications in Accounting, Marketing, Management, IT, Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming, Lauren truly is the ‘triple threat’ of business management.

She works with clients in finding their business identifies, designing a business that supports the life they desire and handing down her tried and true strategies to market, brand and run a successful business.

Lauren believes her most important role is to show women how to value their energy, their work and charge what they are worth.


I am on a no holds barred,
crazy cool mission to assist One Million women to build authentic businesses with unbreakable foundations that support the lives they long for.

My objective is to give women the power to be in control of their business and lives.

How can I help you? By teaching you how to build a business that has rock solid foundations.

I do this work because I’ve saved a business like yours many times before. I started my first business when I was 25. It was a bookkeeping company and I was hot at it.

Right from the start I attracted the clients who were in trouble. Our first meeting would consist of them letting me know their accountant said they were in a spot of bother. I’d agree to take on the job and the onion would appear. Layer after layer of messy business.

It was never about just the accounts; these businesses lacked structure, systems, knowledge and overall control.

It’s simple to register for tax and say you’re in business. But what I saw over the course of 8 years in business was heartbreaking. People not getting a business education and losing homes, relationships and health.

That business broke my heart.

I do what I do now because I don’t want to witness one more start-up business in that position.

I can teach you how to take control, learn what you need to in order to be an effective CEO, and show you how to outsource effectively to achieve everything you desire.


I am qualified to teach you how because I have done it. I started my first company when I was 24 years old. By 25, I had a team of employees and was making the magic six figures.

I built the big (small) business, sat in the dream, and then walked away from it. I know exactly what it’s like to begin a business that doesn’t work for who you are. I know what it takes to create a business that is thriving. I also know what not to do.

I have worked with multi million dollars companies that are failing and assisted with taking them from a loss to a profitable business and I have worked with start-up’s who have smaller budgets than a weekly grocery bill. The concepts are the same.