Working with Lauren is hands down one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

My business had become like a cranky four year old cracking a tantrum in the supermarket; it was unruly and it was starting to run me.

Lauren helped me gently pull things apart and put them back together in a way that works for me and my business. I left our session with a practical plan for the next 6 -12 months and the confidence to take action, because I know exactly what I need to do to move my business forwards.

If you’re thinking of working with Lauren, do it. Your business will thank you.

Lauren has created a snowball effect of goodness in my life and business.

Her marketing perspective helped to identify some areas where I could put more focus and help a larger audience. I have already implemented some of her suggestions and feel like it’s exactly what I needed to do. Sometimes it’s easier for an “outsider” to see what’s right in front of us.

Lauren is a wonder. She has a knack for taking complex details – like navigating Facebook ads – and describing it in a way that I can not only understand, but apply again later when she’s not here to help – that’s huge!

I can’t recommend her enough. 

Lauren was able to cut to the heart of key issues and offer insight in a short space of time.

Her open, personable approach matched with practical business and communication advice makes time spent with her incredibly valuable.

Working with Lauren has increased the profitability of my business by more than double. She has helped me understand and communicate the value that I give to clients and that has been a huge breakthrough for me to charge what I am worth.
The systems that we have build and the content that we have created gives my customers a clear way to find me, get to know me, begin to trust me and directly purchase from me.
My time spent on admin has reduced significantly so I have more time to book clients, work on creating the content that my audience loves and chip away at my grand plans for the business.
Without Lauren I would still be stuck giving away too much, running myself ragged with back and forth to clients writing the same emails over and over again and generally feeling burnt out and under valued. 
I highly recommend the Total Boss Program and Lauren June to guide you through the necessary steps to put you in charge of your business.

Lauren June is the business coach with a golden heart.

I love how Lauren can be uber flexible in her coaching. Not only is she extremely qualified to discuss technical business issues but she is also a great listener. This is what makes her stand out! There are a lot of coaches out there who are ready to be on the offense and tell you what they know, but very few are gonna be willing to listen and and understand where you are coming from.

Speaking with Lauren during our consultation has opened up my mind on the possibilities of my dreams! She has reassured me of the value of my legacy and she has guided me towards the preliminary things I need to do to improve. Lauren is the type of coach who will stand by you through thick or thin

Owning your own business can be tough especially if you’re a big picture person and not a details person like me!

I was struggling trying to piece all the different parts and details together and work towards my big picture. Working with Lauren helped me stay focused and break everything down into manageable steps so I didn’t get lost or overwhelmed by the detail. Lauren’s knowledge and encouragement is such a great resource to have and her Big Picture program is really helping me to move through all the steps to get closer and closer to my own big picture! If you’re starting you’re own business or growing your business I’d highly recommend working with Lauren to get you to where you want to be!

If you’re confused and in need of a boost for you and your business. I highly recommend working with Lauren.

The solutions I received were perfect for me and on point. I walked away with a 12-month plan and clarity on what comes first for me and my business. Working with Lauren came at a time when so much was shifting and changing personally and professionally.

I’ve since taken many leaps of faith since, including a new flower essence product launch and creating content that extends to the needs and wants of my clients. I highly recommend without hesitation

Lauren June ( brings a wealth of knowledge to the table – her technology, marketing, and money know-how are on point, which can make all the difference in your biz strategy!

Lauren she gave me several pricing and technology action concepts that I could put into my biz to make my life AND my biz better straight away. Her coaching was invaluable in helping me get clear on the practical steps to launch my new product and pump sales funnels and tech into my existing services to work better for me. On top of all that – Have I mentioned she is an awesome person?!

If you need strategy, money, sales funnels, marketing, or tech in your biz? Lauren June is the person to call!