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If you’re working 40 hours a week, then, chances are, yes, you’re a pretty busy person. Add into that a family life, probably children, at least one hobby so that some moments actually feel like they still belong to you and you’re full to the brim.
If you’re in the US or Australia and you work full time or run your own business, you work more hours that just about any other developed country in the world.
Unfortunately, all that “busy” is not what makes you the money.

Busy won’t make you rich.

You start each day with intention. You have a strict list of what you are going to achieve and you’re ready. Your office is prepared, you’ve had a coffee and a stretch, perhaps a walk of the dog. You should be productivity personified. Then, you are suddenly, time-warping, unexpectedly at the close of the day. […]

6 Steps for smashing out of the frozen overwhelm.

Failure. You were wrong and now you are feeling the pain of failure. Basically, no one likes to lose face. Failure it can embarrass us, make us feel small and also second guess ourselves if we really are an expert in the field we are working. So now that you have stuffed up how can […]

The Pain of Failure

So you have made the decision to start your dream business, Congratulations! How long did it take for you to move from excited to despair with thoughts that you may not know everything that you need to start a thriving business? Then you might start looking around thinking that there are so many others that […]

The 3 biggest blocks in starting your dream business.

A wise person once said: “You teach people how to treat you”  This statement should be kept close to your heart as you embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.  Just like undercharging, it’s really difficult to make changes later, so it’s imperative that you start out on the right foot NOW. Let’s start by talking about […]

Setting Boundaries in Business & Life