Connection + Relationships + Emails = Money for Jam

There’s money on the table. You’re leaving it there

Truth: email marketing is the most cost-effective way to get an audience to love you to itty bitty, please-sell-me-your-stuff pieces *

Also truth: it’s easier to make this happen than you think 

Big fat lie: The money’s in the list only if the list is large

For women in business who want more engagement, more email love, and more dosh in the bank

Money for Jam: extracting the dollars from your emails (and, along with it, the DearGawdbutIloveyou relationships)

DATE: Wednesday 20th November

TIME: 9.30am (doors open from 9am) until 2.30pm

PLACE: Dome Maylands – 219-221 Railway Parade – Conference Room 

In Person Ticket

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“Hire Jay. Throw your money at her. It’s not that she does what you want – it’s that she gives you what you need. And makes you feel warm and fuzzy and enthusiastic while she does it.

She’s generous and funny and smart, and she’s put in the time honing her craft.”

Liv Steigrad

Copywriter, Tender L Creative

“Both Jay and Lauren presented their workshop in a fun and easy to learn manner.

I left their session having more confidence in myself and my abilities – knowing that I had learnt from masters in their field.”

Jodie-Lee McCulloch

VA, Blue Wren Solutions

“Lauren is a wonder. She has a knack for taking complex details…and describing it in a way that I can not only understand, but apply again later when she’s not here to help – that’s huge!
I can’t recommend her enough.”
Kimberely Arana

Coach, Unshakeable Soul

So, you've:


Planned out your offer


Tested the market


Paid someone a bucket load of dosh or spent 346 hours writing your own Sales page


and now your Facebook ads promo budget is being sucked up like it’s dust and Zuckerberg is a Dyson

‘You’re doing all the things people tell you to, so why the heck isn’t your thing selling?

Because you’re not harnessing one of the superpowers of engaged, feel-good marketing. The one with 3800% return on investment. The one where people INVITE you into their hearts and minds to showcase what good stuff you’ve got to sell them.

Imagine that.

A seat at the brain-table of your ideal client. A comfy one. And there’s a note at your spot. It says;

“I want to buy your thing” and “I want to love you” and “I will then buy ALL YOUR THINGS”

Walk away from this one-day, totally intensive workshop feeling in control of your email marketing fears, with a fail-safe plan in hand to bundle all your content and everything you know into manageable buckets to deliver your ideal clients the value they need, and with a copy voice wrangled to engage, inspire, and get the conversion with you understanding the psychology behind using email marketing. 


If you’re bored to death of 

  • Paying FB loads of cash
  • Hiding behind your ‘professional voice’ and being terrified anyone will figure out you’re a human
  • Waking up at 4am worried where the next client will come from
  • Trying to figure out what your potential clients need from you to help them make a buying decision
  • Revamping your tired old CV just in case you need it to get a ‘real’ job *DREAD!*
  • Or you’re just looking at your email platform in dread because you know it must do SOMETHING COOL but you’re not sure where to start 

This intensive will take you from that messy spot and into becoming a brand voice activated, whip smart email taming, funnel implementing, copywriting rockstar. 

One that people will love. One that people want to buy from.


Plus, you’ll get to learn the dosh-bringing-in strategies you won’t be able to find online from all the big-name gurus. Why? Because we’re both used to working with people who have 9 (yes, that’s nine) subscribers to start with to clients who have lists of just a coupla thousand. Don’t think you can sell something to 9 subscribers. Please hold… 

Plus, Plus: This workshop won’t just send you away with a bit of an idea about how to structure a good, converting email. No ma’am, you’ll learn 

  • All the copywriting queen tips and advice for mapping out and writing an incredible nurture sequence – so nurturey people want to lay down and have a nap in the garden that is your know, like, and trust 
  • AND a sales sequence so unspammy and unsleazy you may just get a marriage request along with SELLING ALL YOUR THINGS 

Planned. Dot point written. Sorted. 

It’s pretty rare that Lauren and Jay get together to offer a collaborative training like this. To be honest, we’re usually working on each others’ stuff so hard we don’t take it out to the masses. So, who are we?

 Lauren is

a simplifier of the hard parts. A maker of profit. A teacher of strategies. A leader to profit. A matchmaker between you and processes, systems, and automation that’ll actually work for you and did we mention, makes you some profit?

Jay is one of her copywriters (and converted her to bringing herself into her email copy, the importance of apostrophes, and the Oxford comma).


Jay is

a premium copywriter and copy coach writing blow-your-hair-back copy for big brands and teaching women in business how to do the same.

Lauren is one of her business coaches and nagged Jay relentlessly to use email marketing and still does a bit of a secretly proud eye roll when Jay gets in front of a group of copywriting students and marvels at the magic of email marketing because it took Jay so long to get on board and then it became her highest ROI of all time. Funny that.

Here’s how we’ll do it:



9.30 Introduction

9.45 Session One: The basics of how email marketing makes you proper dosh – Lauren

10.45 Session Two: Basic content plan of nurture and sales sequences  – Jay

12.00 Lunch

12.30 Session Three: Profit streams – Lauren 

1.30 Session Four: What to write in your nurture and sales sequences – Jay

2.30 Closing and more coffee 

2.45 Done and let’s go to a funky bar (or go home and absorb all that good learning!) 

We won’t lie, it’ll be work. But it’ll be work that sets you up to keep nailing your email marketing, the way you ‘speak’ to your audience, how you’ll grow your list, and how to get them so excited to buy something from you… A great conversion rate is between 1 – 3 percent. Might not seem like a lot but that’s budget free, stress free selling. People who are WAITING for you to have something great to offer them, tingly in the clicky finger, hoping you’ll sell them something great soon.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a small list superhero or a whopping list wazzoo

You’ll be raking in that money. For jam. 

We’ll touch on

  • What’s a funnel and how to own it (tech and copy)
  • The difference between a nurture sequence and sales email sequence (and what to put in them) 
  • How to write subject lines that get opened
  • What’s a good engagement rate 
  • How to make your emails make your dream clients love you and want to give you dollars









2 for 1 price at only $297 per ticket.

In Person Ticket

Virtual Tickets

Lauren is

“Lauren… cut to the heart of key issues and offer insight in a short space of time.”

“…nailed my customer journey!”

“ more clients have signed onto work with me this month than all last year”

“…the best money I’ve spent on my business”

“Your strategy paid for itself in one email”

Jay is

“…a total goddess, rockstar copywriter”

“One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours…”

“… a gifted teacher. Jay guided me to connect with the best words I had to offer and has provided me with new learning I use all the time.” 

“The best investment I’ve made in my business…”

“…a talented, reliable, and effortless professional who writes kick-ass email copy…”

We know sometimes things don’t go to plan. Life goes sideways and all that jazz. Because we’ve offered such limited seats, your ticket is non-refundable. However, you’re welcome to give it to a team member or business owning friend as long as you get in touch with us and let us know via email before the event. For full T&Cs for all purchases from Crisp Copy, please visit here.

* unless you’re already a celebrity, in which case, back to IG influencing you go.