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I did it; I took the leap!

I quit my safety-net gig. Well, it felt more like a running kick jump complete with sound effects and smoke machines. I was so ready.

I have worked part-time with a company for the past 7 years. They were one of my original clients from my first business and when I sold off my practice, they offered to keep me on. Then, to be honest, it became safe, it was easy, and there was no risk. Until one day I was driving the 45 min and 36 km journey to the office and I felt like I was hit over the head with the realisation – I wasn’t happy!

But, you know,  sometimes it’s easier to be safe than happy. Right? I could have stayed. I could have been safe.

Was it worth my happiness?

The answer was; no. Hell no! I needed out, and I need to take the running jump because if I didn’t cut the cord quickly I would end up getting too comfortable again. I went home that day, sat down with my partner, Brad, and told him I was quitting (then broke down in tears because I cry at everything).

His response was simple, ‘If you aren’t happy, then there is no question about the next move.’

So I summoned up my courage, wrote my resignation letter and handed it over to my boss. And then ugly cried because – as already suggested – that’s what I do.

The funny thing is, the response from my boss was very similar to Brad’s, ‘I knew you weren’t happy anymore and if you aren’t happy, then it’s time.’

Are you ready to leap?

Is it your time? Are you ready to take the running jump to full-time business owner? Here are three lessons that I learned from taking the (running) leap.

Leave on a high note:

It’s understandable when we are ready to move to the next stage of our life to want to do it quickly, like then and there. However, remember within the company you work with you probably hold a vast amount of knowledge that needs to be handed over. If you can, give your workplace the respect of giving notice and handing over your job nicely to the next person.

I gave about seven weeks notice and have been back for training six times since. What ample notice allowed for was a heartfelt farewell from my team, I exited gracefully with high energy, and had no guilt about leaving.

Know your numbers:

Oh lordy, you know I love my numbers! I had my numbers balanced before leaping.

Cash flow is King, especially when you cut the cord to the regular paycheque. Having a clear understanding of your income and savings requirements will allow you the space to create in your business. This will also mean that you won’t have desperation surrounding you, begging for work from clients that you wouldn’t normally choose to work with. Having cashflow will allow you to stay in your power, with your head held up.


Boundaries, how they seem to fly out the window when we become the CEO of our business. Remember how you wanted to create a business for freedom? Well, without creating some boundaries that concept will fly out the door.

I don’t know about you, but if I had a phone calls from my boss at 9.30 at night as an employee, I wouldn’t have answered the call. My time was my time. So why do we feel that we need to jump as soon as client emails, messages or calls us even after hours?

People will always push your boundaries; it’s human nature. Create boundaries in your business and educate your clients in what those boundaries  are:

  • Create autoresponders to clients know you have received the email, when you are open and when to expect a reply.
  • Have an office number (I have a Skype number) which is where people can call you. Don’t give your mobile number unless you want them calling you there, after hours!
  • Use an app like Boomerang so that even though you might be working in bed at night, your email is going out until business hours the next morning. This trains your clients not to expect a response outside your business hours.

It’s your turn; I want to hear from you; are you ready to leap? Or maybe you already have, share in the comments below what is holding you back from jumping or what are some of the lessons you’ve learned?

About Lauren June

Hi, I’m Lauren, and just in case you haven’t yet figured it out, a “picky plate” is a charcuterie board. However, there’s only so many blogs you can write about charcuterie boards, so here are some other good bits of advice, education, and inspiration I’ve picked up on the tractor ride we call life. 

I took the life lessons delivered by COVID and Endometriosis and re-evaluated my career as a business strategist, decided to live life by example, and shed the sticky skin of hustler and empire building. 

My hope for you is you find something to soak up and perhaps implement in amongst my stories of profit building, dog mothering, and productivity inspiring, all while trying to make a baby and renovate our faux farm propert

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