Are you always starting fabulous projects but never getting them to the end and launched.

Do you feel like everyone else is doing this better than you?

With so many distraction in your life it is easy to take your eye of your goals and let them fall by the wayside.

In today’s episode we talk about keeping your eye on your prize and how to make you goals a reality.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Seeing what others are doing can sometimes take us away from our why, mission and purpose.

It’s time to keep your eye on your prize.

But with all this constant information how can you stay on target?

Step One: Know your real vision.

If you don’t know where your heading you are already lost. Planning is key to your business success. Break your goals down into small quick steps to keep you inspired and on track.

Step Two: Schedule yourself.

Every business builder that I have worked with started growing and achieving their version of success only once they scheduled their day. This is because if you allow yourself a specific amount of time to achieve a desired task then you have a due day. If you don’t you can trick your mind into thinking you are achieving when you aren’t really.

STEP THREE: Analyse yourself.

Know what is your distractor. If starting out your day with checking your emails takes you off on that journey you have two choices – Set a alarm so you only do for your scheduled amount of time or do only after your have achieved a specific job.

Now it is over to you. In the comments below how do you start on target and keep your eye on your prize?


Lauren June wears so many hats she almost needs a mobile hatstand. With 3 successful businesses; a digital magazine, education platform for women in business, business consultancy, and creative agency; search the term ‘multipotentialite’ on Google and her face might just appear. She manages to keep all her plates spinning with a mixture of strategy, tech, profit, systems and processes and, unsurprisingly, teaches women in business how to do the same. 

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