Plan to be Profit.Able
5 Day Event 

Hosted By: Lauren June
Monday 10th February to Friday 14th February 2020

More ease. More happiness. More profit?! Starts In








What’s On The Schedule?

What do you want?

The most important question you can ask yourself, and the one we often forget when it comes to business planning. It’s time to break down your business and decide what you really want. How do you want to be showing up? How do you want to be working? How do you want to be living?

There is no right answer, this is your business and we’ll build it your way.

What will it take to make it happen?

Have you ever tried to bake a cake without a list of ingredients? I’m sure if you have it probably didn’t end up quite as you expected!

On day two we are going to analyse our business ‘wants’ to come up with a  list of ingredients and figure out what tools we’ll need to make our business successful.

How can you make it happen? 

I’ll tell you a secret; business without strategy is wishing and hoping, but strategies aren’t as tricky as most people make out. In fact, a strategy is just a smart plan.

We’re going to create a plan that’s implementable, sustainable, and most importantly –

How can you make it sustainable?

We can’t do it all ourselves and – more importantly – we shouldn’t be.  On day four we’ll create our PSA Map – Process, Systemise, Automate.

These built into your foundation mean the ability to scale your business sustainably. No extra stress.

Need more time for implementation and support? Never fear, come join me for a bonus live session where we can implement the weeks learning and answer question that you might have from each of the classes.

Business can be lonely!

Through out the whole week of this event we will be working together in our own pop up Facebook Community so you can meet new people and get support.

Meet Lauren

Lauren June wears so many hats she almost needs a mobile hatstand. With 3 successful businesses; an education platform for women in business, business consultancy, and creative agency; search the term ‘multipotentialite’ on Google and her face might just appear. She manages to keep all her plates spinning with a mixture of strategy, tech, profit, systems and processes and, unsurprisingly, teaches women in business how to do the same. All the time keeping an eye on that happily expanding bottom line.