“If you need  strategy, money, sales funnels, marketing, or tech in your biz, Lauren is the person to call.”

When you began this business, you were fairly sure you could learn as you go. After all, you are the best person for the job – you know your stuff like no one else and you’re a smart woman, you were sure you’d be able to keep up.

So why do you now feel like you need to be a Branson/Winfrey clone with a spare MBA just to keep afloat?

It’s because knowing the ins and outs of your industry doesn’t prepare you for the full-time job that is actually running your business.

What’s strategy without implementation?

No, this isn’t a Dad joke. It’s not funny at all.

Because strategy without implementation teaches you a whole tonne of theory without helping you with any of the implementation for the concepts in your business. Programs that have been written to be applied to a board range of businesses – not with yours specifically in mind.

I have yours specifically in mind.

And I teach you how to do both.

Lauren was able to cut to the heart of key issues and offer insight in a short space of time.

Her open, personable approach matched with practical business and communication advice makes time spent with her incredibly valuable.

Belinda Boakye

Cake and Cocktails

Profit Streams: Start-Up

12 weeks of Money Making Strategy, Implementation & Support

This 12 week process is based on my signature program Profit Streams. I’ve carefully created this system from years of business owning, strategy teaching, money making, and implementation organising. We do this work 1:1 because there’s zero point overloading your business brain with more theory without helping you actually make it all happen.

And making it all happen is my jam.

“The solutions I received were perfect for me and on point. I walked away with a 12 month plan and clarity on what comes first for me and my business.”

Here’s everything we will work on


Planning without profit is just another way to keep you busy, we analyse what you currently working on, delete the busy tasks and concentrate on the profit generating tasks.


My signature system – Profit Streams enables you to create statetigic income generating funnels from content to subscriber to client to raving, returning clients.


Never quite sure what content to be creating and where to share it to make the most impact? Together we’ll create a 12 month content strategy so you don’t have to worry about what to share next!

& automate

Stop the task tax on your day. We’ll start building your PSA’s so you can do more of the important things and outsource tasks to a (future) team without worrying about how.

on boarding

Don’t let your next client start wondering if they’ve done the right thing investing in you! Client on boarding sets the tone of your relationship, together we will simplify the process and upgrade the customer experience so your clients rave about working with you.

off boarding

Did you know on average it costs $100 to onboard each new clients in your business? It seems pretty smart then to look after your current clients and create raving, returning, and refering clients each time. 

Lauren June is the business coach with a golden heart.

I love how Lauren can be uber flexible in her coaching. Not only is she extremely qualified to discuss technical business issues but she is also a great listener. This is what makes her stand out! There are a lot of coaches out there who are ready to be on the offense and tell you what they know, but very few are gonna be willing to listen and and understand where you are coming from.
Speaking with Lauren during our consultation has opened up my mind on the possibilities of my dreams! She has reassured me of the value of my legacy and she has guided me towards the preliminary things I need to do to improve. Lauren is the type of coach who will stand by you through thick or thin

Pat Villaceran

AED Global

Owning your own business can be tough especially if you’re a big picture person and not a details person like me!

I was struggling trying to piece all the different parts and details together and work towards my big picture. Lauren helped me stay focused and break everything down into manageable steps so I didn’t get lost or overwhelmed by the detail. Lauren’s knowledge and encouragement is such a great resource to have she has helped me to move through all the steps to get closer and closer to my own big picture!! If you’re starting you’re own business or growing your business I’d highly recommend Lauren June

Verity Mansfield

Verity Mansfield Coachingv

How we do this


Revenue is great but profit is everything. Together we build the foundations for a profit.able business, a business that allows you to do the thing you love, live the life you choose, and not overwhelm you along the way.

Process & Automate
Your Income

It’s time to move you into the position of CEO, stop working on all the things, spend time creating the foundations of a business that you run vs it running you. Together we will leverage systems, processes and automations so you can stick to doing what you’re best at – being the boss.


Are you sick of your to-do list never getting smaller, in fact each day it seems to be getting bigger. It’s time to learn how to take control of you business, create a project management strategy that is keeping you in the position of CEO and make your to-do list a done list.

Here’s everything you’ll get:

1 x Profit Planning Session: We won’t recreate the wheel, leverage the awesome work you’ve already done & use it to make your sales funnel even stronger. 

11 x Weekly Strategy Sessions: We’ll get together on Zoom for 60mins weekly to create, build, and grow your profit.able business stategy.

Access to your call library via my Client Portal: You’ll get access to our whole library of calls via The Client Portal so you can go back for reminders at any time.

Access To My Client Only Resource Library: I’m an open book and that includes my Resource Library, to support your business journey I’ve create a resouces hub of my templates and resources that you get access to to help you while we work together.


  • Welcome Pack to clarify your business purpose and enable me to understand your goals.
  • A dedicated Voxer channel to communicate outside our session.
  • 6 months FREE membership to The Profit.Able Project

Investment: $375.00 AUD (per week)

You might also be wondering…

Do I get any one-on-one time with you?

We run our Strategy sessions via Zoom to speak with you to make sure I hear you voice and get the most out of the time together. 

What do I need to have ready before we start?

All the information that I’ll need before we get started is in the Welcome Kit. I created this kit so that we have all the information we need to get started and save time on asking all the questions.

How quickly will I see results?

Your results are only as good as you implement. People can’t find you unless you promote yourself. This process is the foundations of your business, you still need to show up and be seen to leverage what we are building.

How/where will we meet?

I run all my calls via Zoom online meetings as this allows us to record our session, share screens and have a reliable connection

How soon can we start?

We can start today, but booking this package you will get access to my onboarding sequence and scheduling calendar to see when our first meeting is available to schedule. 

Can’t I just figure this stuff out on my own?

Sure thing, you probably could work out how to service your car on via YouTube videos. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. How long will this take you?

3 months is a long term relationship in entrepreneur land.

We should probably organise a blind date, first.

Let’s have a (virtual) coffee and decide if we’re going to be brilliant together.

Book that here (BYO cuppa).