Sure, you can start a business with a excel spreadsheet and a belief in your vision.

However, there are definitely easier ways to create a systemised and easy to grow business.  I know when starting out dollars can be tight so I want to share with you high-value resources to enable you to grow your business without becoming disorganised and disillusioned.  Below are my favourite tools and resources that I have developed, read, used or use. You can research which may be best for your business. 

My Favourite Online Tools

Website Development – This recommendation is so easy The ease to build website using themes or working with designers is fantastic. It will take a little learning to understand how to get the most out of it but it is a powerful tool for your business. Note: The easiest way to install WordPress on your domain is via the control panel in your domain hosting account.

Website Hosting  – I have tried a number of hosts over the years and have been disappointed with the customer user experience. Panthur I like as their they are easy to contact, competitive pricing and have a easy back end to use without needing a developer’s assistance.

Email Marketing Platforms – Mailchimp is a fabulous starter platform to enable you to start collecting subscribers at low to nil cost. You are able to create automation through this platform –  Active Campaign is amazing platform to growth in your business. It is economical especially considering all the application is has available.

Stock Images & Creative Sources  – I have only recently found the website as always double check the terms & conditions of using specific stock photos so you don’t allow yourself to be open for any legal issues.

Social Media Scheduling & Planning – Co Schedule integrates into your WordPress website and allows you to plan and schedule your blog posts AND social media. I love this platform for the easy to plan your content with it’s calender function. Social media platforms it works with are Facebook (pages & groups), Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google. – Buffergram is amazing to be able to schedule your posts to Instagram. There are a number of platforms that allow you to schedule but not actually post to IG. This platform schedules and posts, I love being able to plan and schedule some of my weekly posts.

My Favourite Inspiring Books

Lucky Bitch – Denise Duffield-Thomas

Money A Love Story – Kate Northrup

The Fire Start Sessions – Danielle LaPorte

The Big Leap –  Gay Hendricks

Secrets of Six-Figure Women – Barbara Stanny