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So you’ve had time to settle into the year and start making some positive changes and decisions about how you’re going to handle your business this year.

It’s time to simplify your to-do list and take action.

NYE is over, resolutions are broken and it’s time to actually get to the nitty-gritty of getting stuff done.

So, what’s your To-Do List look like?

Is it so ridiculously overwhelming you’ve stuck it in a drawer or set it on fire?

Perhaps you’ve started and it all seems to long and unattainable you didn’t even finish?

So often we overcomplicate all the tasks on our To Do list. Complication leads to procrastination and that means stuff never gets done.

March means the first quarter of the year is almost done. Break it down down NOW and simplify your to do list today.

The most important idea is to not have too many tasks on your To Do List!

There’s an odd thing that happens if you sit down with a list next to you longer than your arm. You don’t do any of them. If you break them down, outsource a few and move some to a separate list, you’ll chomp through that list like its old gold chocolate.

Why? We’re humans. We like to think we’re going to make it to the end without crying into our laptops. Don’t fight it.

Just simplify.

It doesn’t matter if you have five things or fifty things – you don’t need an over-performing To Do List.

And yes, it will feel like you need to handle the seventy-five things that need to get done and they need to get handled NOW. However, every successful business people who are online, podcasting, getting interviewed, trying to share this important piece of information with you say the same thing:

Have a big picture task.


Then, three or four side tasks that also can happen that day.

Here’s how we’re going to tackle that structure:

  1. Read my previous blog on organising your list.
  2. Read my previous blog on resourcing an effective team (then outsource like a crazy woman.)
  3. Read my tips on scheduling (then schedule yourself like the hard CEO you really are.)
  4. Create smaller jobs within each task so each thing you’re looking at is actually actionable, not some huge dragon of an issue you have to slay to get finished.
  5. Lastly, create better systems for next time so you work more efficiently in the future.

There’s a lot of reading my blog suggestions in there, so I’ll make another one. Have you heard me talk about Shiny Object Syndrome? Don’t let it contaminate your list by adding anything extra to it that won’t get you closer to your end goal.

5 steps. You can do that.

In the comments below tell me what action will you be taking today to start to simplify your to do list?

About Lauren June

Hi, I’m Lauren, and just in case you haven’t yet figured it out, a “picky plate” is a charcuterie board. However, there’s only so many blogs you can write about charcuterie boards, so here are some other good bits of advice, education, and inspiration I’ve picked up on the tractor ride we call life. 

I took the life lessons delivered by COVID and Endometriosis and re-evaluated my career as a business strategist, decided to live life by example, and shed the sticky skin of hustler and empire building. 

My hope for you is you find something to soak up and perhaps implement in amongst my stories of profit building, dog mothering, and productivity inspiring, all while trying to make a baby and renovate our faux farm propert

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