So you have made the decision to start your dream business, Congratulations!

How long did it take for you to move from excited to despair with thoughts that you may not know everything that you need to start a thriving business.

Then you might start looking around thinking that there are so many others that are better at your business concept than you.

Ok time to STOP that! Guess what, we all go through the stage of checking out others in similar industries to you.

But to help you in moving forward in your awesome business you need to understand that feeling unsure is totally normally but it is also time to kick it to the curb.

Here are the three biggest blocks that I find new-preneurs come up against and how to get past them.

I’m not worthy syndrome:

We all feel this sometimes (ok more than sometimes) how am I supposed to compete against these other (insert business model) they have been around so much longer than me, have amazing names for their businesses and I’M JUST NOT WORTHY.

Ok time to kick that thought to the curb!

Firstly you are not competing with anyone each business is different in their own way! Why? Because of you, your message, your product, the way your work with your clients/customers. There is no one person like you, this give you an awesome opportunity to stand out in the ground for being amazing at your business.

No matter who you are you need to start of somewhere! To be successful in your business you need to believe in yourself and your product or service. If you still aren’t sure start telling yourself you are! Write it down do what ever you need to, to start training yourself into believing that you are fabulous and can do an amazing job!

I have too much to do:

When you have a lot on your to do list it is really overwhelming. I am amazed at how many feel this is the point to give up and bury their heads in the sand.

This is time to yell a hell no and to get your *** together!

Get organised, prioritise what you need to get done, really look at it and ask yourself;

  • Does this actually need doing or am I just feeling like I “should” I do this? 
  • Am I ever doing to complete this task or is it there to make me feel bad? 
  • Should I outsource this to be done? 

I don’t have the money to become rich:

This is a big myth that you need to hire the best web developer, graphic designer, branding person etc when starting your business. Start with the basics, if you are tech savvy have a look at building your own website. To organise web hosting, templates etc you can really pay as little as $300 for you launching your website.

What I don’t suggest scrimping on is advice from someone in the know. Spend some $$$ and get some amazing advice and what the do’s and don’ts in starting your business is priceless. This means finding out how best to structure your business, how to model your business, what to charge etc

For the mechanics of starting your business there amazing resources on the web that you can outsource to or learn how to do it yourself if you want.