August 12, 2015

The Pain of Failure


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I’m Lauren, I started my first business while trapped in a cubicle and dreaming about a better life for myself and my clients. I spent my days fixing issues I knew I could have prevented... if I'd just gotten to work with the client earlier. So I started - on an ancient laptop with a clipart logo and within 18 months was the owner of a thriving practice. 


Failure. You were wrong and now you are feeling the pain of failure.

Basically, no one likes to lose face. Failure it can embarrass us, make us feel small and also second guess ourselves if we really are an expert in the field we are working.

So now that you have stuffed up how can you start to pick yourself back up from the pain you are currently feeling.

Admit that you’re not perfect!

Gosh, this can be a hard one! I admit I am not perfect but not means even close. There now that is out for the world to see!

With the age that we are in, we see only what others are wanting us to see. So often we can perceive that others in our industry are perfect and they would never fail at what they set out to do. We have so many photography filters, spell checks and even photoshopping it is hard to tell what is actually real and what is cleverly disguised to make it LOOK fabulous.

Its time for us to share what is really happening in our businesses, you know the days where you are working with no makeup and your hair in a messy ponytail.

Recognise that failure is a common occurrence.

Maybe this is your chance to use this experience to share with your community to enable them to understand that it is ok not to be perfect. I like to you the hashtag #keepingitreal in the Smarter Business Builders Group to share my learning experiences so others can see that sometimes s**t happens!

Take responsibility for your actions.

I grew up in a family where we kinda never admitted to be wrong or failing at a lot of things. In my later teenage years it wasn’t really working for us in our home anymore.

We changed this up pretty successfully (sometimes we do need a reminder though) if you admit to be wrong or stuffing up you are not allowed to be teased about that stuff up.

This actually later went into a company I worked for where as long as you owned up and took responsibility there was no major issue just support to fix the issue. This is brilliant to keep up team moral and making small issues bigger!

Learn from what went wrong.

If there was a procedural issue in your business analysis the situation. Is there a new procedure that you need to introduce to prevent this issue from occurring again?

Common areas to learn from are:

  1. Losing a client to miscommunication: What customer support system do you have in place. Do you just leave emails in your black hole of a inbox. Check out or to assist with client support and keeping a top.
  2. Missing a deadline: Its time to analysis what timing are you allocating to each job. Is it enough or should you be outsourcing parts of your business to enable better customer experience satisfaction?
  3. The clarity in what you are offering for your product or service: Is a customer upset and gave you a bad review because your product or service is not what they thought they were purchasing. Maybe its time to survey your market and ask them what they feel you are selling and if it is clear.


It is time to forgive yourself. It’s done!

Once you have done your learning and fixing of the failure forgive yourself.

Say it out loud and keep repeating each time you start to antagonise yourself.

Share Your Experience.

It’s time to be real and let other’s learning for your experience and also it may just help someone that is going through something similar at the moment.

Use this as a way of becoming closer to your community. Write a blog about what has happened with the action steps you are taking to prevent this occurring in the future AND what you are doing for your own forgiveness.