In fact, one of my biggest driving forces for running this business is delivering the power of choice. And, with it, freedom.

Give you the answers (because an enduring strategy is far more powerful than a quick fix)

Throw a formula at it (because business isn’t algebra and cookie-cutters belong in the KonMari’d kitchen drawer)

Make your business success reliant on me (because the ultimate goal is for you to level up and soar, my friend, though I can support you from kerfuffle to kablooey)

Running a streamlined, profitable business gives you both of those - the freedom to choose.

So I offer multiple avenues and ways to support you in whatever goals you want to kick, however you want to kick them. 

What I don't do: 

Do you remember Choose Your Own Adventure books from childhood?

This page is a little like that

Coaching  & Strategy

For serious but simple strategy work with a side order of butt-kicking. Come up with a game plan, monetise your best ideas, and systemise your processes so you can make more profit, take a holiday, or finally finish your novel (or all three!) 

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Courses  & Resources

An amazing collection of curated resources based on over a decade of business-owning experience and tech nerdery, and I only shout about what I've tried and tested and absolutely love. Steal all my good ideas to build your profitability and hit the trifecta of health, wealth, and happiness.

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 For 15 minutes we can brainstorm how best I can help you to grow your business. I’ll even explain what ‘kablooey’ means.