“Lauren… cut to the heart of key issues and offer insight in a short space of time.”

“…nailed my customer journey!”

“She is the type of coach who will stand by you through thick or thin”

“Lauren has created a snowball effect of goodness in my life and business.”

“Her marketing perspective helped to identify some areas where I could put more focus and help a larger audience.”

“I need to make money…now”

“This business is running me”

“People aren’t buying” 

“I’m ready for everything”

Money. Fast.

Truth-telling + money-making in a quick fix hit

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and marketing mistruths beware, you aren’t welcome here.

This is a couple of hours of pure, plainspoken power to help you figure out how your amazing idea can make you profit. Fast. 

We’ll analyse what you want, starting with the numbers and reverse engineering a plan to get you to a sustainable spot. 

This is also a perfect session if you have no idea what you want to stand for or niche in, or you have one profit, process, planning, or productivity trip hazard you can’t seem to hurdle over. 

Press pause on #alltheideas – figure out the next step – commit to a process – start taking action – make the money.

Get Things Selling

When sales are the problem

So many women believe they have a problem with any number of the moving parts of their business when, really, the problem is they don’t have a solid offer.

I’ll help you figure out what you want to sell then how to take your expertise and turn it into a sellable and profitable offering. All over two 1:1 sessions with an implementation week in between.

We’ll analyze how to take your clients from where they’re at right now and give them to resources to get the results they need.

Then; we monetise. Because without profit you’re running an expensive hobby.

This is the perfect package if you know what you’re good at but haven’t yet turned that into a saleable product. 

The Upgrade

For business owners who can’t get out from under their ‘stuff’ 

Say “Heck, NO!” to being overwhelmed, overcommitted, and paralysed from having too much to do and no idea where to start. 

This is a step towards upgrading everything your business delivers – and how – over two 1:1 sessions with implementation time in between. 

We’ll analyse your money making opportunities, upgrade your processes, build a ripper strategy, and help you stop worrying where your next client is coming from.

Throw off the shackles of a disorganised process – make your ideal clients feel adored – have money coming in with less effort – get a huge chunk of support.

Lock. Stock.

and Both (Profit Building) Barrels 

For women who are tired of trying all the shortcuts and are ready to implement solid profit streams and processes over 3 months together.

If you need profit, planning, processes, productivity, and guidance to get it all working seamlessly, this is for you.

Not another course with all the tactics and education and none of the implementation.

Not an all-consuming commitment where you feel like you’re studying for the Bar at the same time as getting your MBA.

Not another month ending with your head in your hands because this business is running you into sheer exhaustion and frustration.

3 months of my devoted attention to your business, helping you recreate it so it’s the way you always imagined. Easier to run. More downtime. Delivering excellence. And – most importantly – making more profit.

If you’re confused and in need of a boost for you and your business. I highly recommend working with Lauren. The solutions I received were perfect for me and on point. I walked away with a 12 month plan and clarity on what comes first for me and my business. Working with Lauren came at a time when so much was shifting and changing personally and professionally. I’ve since taken many leaps of faith since, including a new flower essence product launch and creating content that extends to the needs and wants of my clients. I highly recommend without hesitation”

Tracy O’Meara Smith

What I do, who for, and what they get

BS free


Work with women in business who have fabulous ideas and drive who are struggling with either one element, or a big chunk of the pie, to make life easier and business more profitable.

Best bit: you’ll totally get it and feel like I totally get you.

Profit Streams for your business makes smart business. Because who needs more hard work? We’re aiming for more money, more holidays, and more hours spent napping /bushwalking /reading in the sun – all while building your bottom line.  It’s a carefully curated process of looking at what you offer and building a strategic plan to guide the right clients to choose you. Then, we build an automated process to take your client from viewer to subscriber to new client to raving loyal advocate. All the while, educating you about what and how to sell, bringing in profit, and marketing effectively. 

Who I do it for


AKA: women who own service-based businesses and know they’re not kicking goals and taking names as effectively as they should be (for their smarts, talent, and all-round brilliance!)

You’ll feel stuck in old habits or simply don’t know how to start doing things differently. You know there are things you don’t know about but can’t spare the time to wallow through the quagmire of Google to uncover the secrets, piece by excruciating piece. You want more money, more spare time, better clients, and more holidays!

I work with women who are ready to get stuck in, tackle new ways of thinking, and try better business strategies. Women who aren’t afraid to peer into the chasm of what’s missing in their business. Women who like rose. (Optional!) Women who are ready to take the business bull by the horns and ride that rodeo until they come out on top.


How I do it

Turn my years of marketing, business, profit, planning, process, productivity, and human experience into a laser beam of goodness for your big dream.

I see what you’re aiming for. I totally understand it; every tiny detail, every sighed nuance, I can even spot what’s going to trip you up. I love it just about as much as you do and I’m committed to helping you do it.

I’m. All. In.

I help you break down those big dreams into streamlined, systemised processes and make them achievable.

Because I believe all women should have a choice.

And a business that grows your bottom line while giving you the freedom to make choices – that’s what drives me. 

Lauren June (my biz strategy and tech queen!) brings a wealth of knowledge to the table – her technology, marketing, and money know-how are on point, which can make all the difference in your biz strategy! In my consult with Lauren she gave me several pricing and technology action items that I could put into my biz to make my life AND my biz better straight away. Her coaching was invaluable in helping me get clear on the practical steps to launch my new product and pump sales funnels and tech into my existing services to work better for me. On top of all that – Have I mentioned she is an awesome person?! If you need strategy, money, sales funnels, marketing, or tech in your biz? Lauren June is the person to call!


Already totally overwhelmed just with the choices?
You might be at businessing maximum capacity (it’s definitely a thing)


Let me help you figure it out, just get on a free 15 minute call with me.

I am great at helping people sort through the mess in their brain to make a decision!