Like an uncontrollable toddler, your business baby has gone from adorable to somewhat frightening in what seems like a heartbeat.

Only with business, it’s not a phase.

Maybe you don’t understand your tech, or you have no automation, or your processes are lacking… process.

You might be often overwhelmed to the point of feeling a little bit sick, overcommitted to the degree another “yes” will make you break out in a sweat, and over putting out spot fires in gaping holes in your business structure that feel deep and wide enough to fall into and never be found again.

This is not the way business was meant to be.

What would your day look like if your business could run on autopilot?

The CEO Upgrade delivers:

A day of intensive Lauren (6 hours) to

    • Tackling your automation strategy (so you can be a little more hands off) and/or
    • Figuring out your ideal clients, where the heck they are, and how you’re going get everything they need from you (so you can bring them in or retain them) and/or
    • Analysis of your money maker shakers (so you can make more) and/or
    • Building a killer strategy around marketing, mindset, and monetisation
    • Then a follow up half day to review and further strategise

For when you want magically more – clients, money, time – without spending more

At the end of the CEO Upgrade you’ll have a complete strategy (no fiery gaps!) for automating your product from website opt in to off boarding.

It’s a day and a bit – spend it now so you can spend time doing other things later. Like reaping the rewards of building a profitable business (and drinking wine?)


Not everyone gets to have Lauren for a Day (and a Half).

Let’s have a chat to see if this is the right package for your business.

I won’t BS you and I always give good advice.

Right, how are we going to do this?

As stated previously, besides the pants of Yoga (which do not attend Yoga, admittedly) there is no one-size-fits-all at Lauren June.

Every business is different and needs its own magic blend of business. During the CEO Upgrade we firstly charge through the list of problems you’ve noted in your Welcome docs, then, I conduct a bit of a check-up of your other systems and processes to see if I can spot dangerous mind-the-gaps you haven’t yet.

Which each day will be completely and totally unique to you, your business, and what you want to achieve *

* super important to note because we’ve all had dealings with those strategists who say their formula will deliver 6 figure months every month… or something.

There’ll also be 4 important topics we’ll be centring this work around so we’ve got all bases covered.

strategic targeting

Otherwise, you’re shooting into the wind

  • Get clear on who you want to sell to and work with
  • Find out exactly what keeps them awake at night and what icing on the cake you can tempt them with
  • Figure out how they communicate and use their language to create connection and trust
  • Dig deeper on why your ideal people need your product or service
  • Learn how to deliver the right kind of service in the perfect format for your ideal client

content categories

So you’ll create with purpose

  • No more creating content for the sake of making a noise
  • Come up with a design plan to deliver the kind of education your clients actually want
  • Build content categories to speak about your services and lead ideal clients into the relevant funnels
  • Create a content plan to systemise the selling of all your best stuff



    Dollar, dollar bills, yo

    • Ditch the smarmy and ethically entice to convert ideal clients in each carefully constructed content category
    • Create upsells to build mad-love relationships with potential clients so they fall crazy in love with you
    • Build a beautiful funnel to guide great people from reader to subscriber to client to raving fan


    Sorry, robots 

    • Make your new favourite people feel like they’re your new favourite people
    • Build automated marketing strategies to help convert into paying clients without the lack of personal touch
    • Map out an onboarding sequence to bring new clients into the fold with a far-above-average customer experience
    • Create off-boarding sequences so even when your clients think they’re done with you they feel appreciated, cared for, and are more likely to come back to you (and recommending you to their business owning friends)

    Included Value:

    • 1 x 3  hour DAY INTENSIVE…PLUS
    • 1 x half-day review and strategise


    • Welcome Pack to clarify your business purpose and enable me to understand your goals
    • A library of our call to review at your convenience
    • 14 days email support with 48 hours turnaround
    • 2 Months FREE Membership to The Roooar Room #becauseIcan

    Investment: $2,000.00 AUD


    Lauren has created a snowball effect of goodness in my life and business.
    Her marketing perspective helped to identify some areas where I could put more focus and help a larger audience. I have already implemented some of her suggestions and feel like it’s exactly what I needed to do. Sometimes it’s easier for an “outsider” to see what’s right in front of us. 

    Shannon Caldwell

    Purple Lotus Yoga


    Are you ready? Fill in the form below and within about 5 min you can expect a personalise proposal in your inbox.

    How is that for automation and service? 

    Lauren was above and beyond what I was expecting. She was lovely to talk to and gave me lots of resources during our time to grow my new business. To clarify what I want from my business and where I want to go was reassuring that I was on the right path. I came away from this experience very excited, motivated and know exactly what I needed to do next. I highly recommend working with Lauren and I look forward to working with her again soon.

    Tammy Reid

    Think Play Love