Analyse the service you are planning to create or currently delivering, build bridges over the gaps, come up with a game plan to follow through with your refreshed idea along with providing a high level of customer experience.


Because a good idea is just the first step. Strategising involves working out what your vision for your idea is, if there’s space in the market for it, and how can we best deliver your incredible thing to the people who most need it (all the while making them realise they can’t live without it)


You will have full access to my established systems and experienced advice for up to 3 hours. I won’t waste your time upselling you into the next program and I won’t just tell you what you want to hear. You are welcome to re-book for as many sessions as you need for each individual idea or perhaps you just need a one off, and then you’re on your way


We’ll make the most of the time by you completing an in depth brief before our session, allowing me to get the best understanding of where you are working from and what you feel you need next in business. You’ll turn up to work, and I’ll be totally honest with you about what I think you need to do next

“Why didn’t I do this sooner? The best 2 hours I spent working on my company in the last year! Lauren I just need to download your money making mind every morning.”


  • You have an idea. We can make magic happen even if the concept is all you have (but I can’t make monetisation magic happen without the all-important idea!)
  • You have an understanding of who your market is so we can analyse and target how to monetise your idea. (If you don’t yet know who might be interested in your concept, perhaps take a look at this offering)
  • You are open to an objective perspective on how to develop your idea and open to working together to make magic happen. As i said before, I don’t really do smoke up your toosh. #truthteller


We just need to monetise you!

Included Value:

Up to 3 hours * of Zoom Monetising Magic with a proven marketing and money maven


  • Recording of your session delivered via Dropbox for you to go back to anytime
  • Monetisation Worksheet that we build upon during our session
Investment: $797.00 AUD

* this is a solutions-based session; I’m not going to waffle for 30 minutes just to make up the 3 hours. When we’ve nailed what we came for, we’ll go our seperate ways. 

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Like so many business owners, I started my own enterprise from a place of drive and motivation. I had little concept of how enormous the learning curve would be and how much my own personal growth would be pushed in order to build a thriving business.

I knew my stuff – I had been successfully employed for over a decade as a communications expert – surely I only need apply my expertise to developing my own small business? Then, why was it a constant uphill battle? The writing wasn’t the problem, but all of the business aspects that are required to actually make a go of it were slaying me – I was drowning, not waving.

Lauren is a diamond in the rough. I’d slowly come to the idea that I may need a mentor, but still felt a bit allergic to the concept of a business coach. It seemed so many of them touted “dream lifestyles” and “six figures”. What I wanted was financial freedom as a writer – and I was starting to think that was an oxymoron. Lauren changed the very way I thought about my business. She made me see that my business was a direct reflection of how I organise myself, my life, my creative spark. She’s like an untapped well of knowledge, and she’s always learning, so you can always call on her in a moment of uncertainty for a nudge in the right direction.

Part of wanting to work for myself was the desire to be my own boss. Lauren made me see that the CEO position of my company was something I’d need to earn, and I quickly stepped up to the plate.
She’s not only a wicked accountability saviour, but she knows when to be gentle and let you figure things out for yourself. And when I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed with a new step on the staircase of success, she shines a spotlight back on where I’ve come from. And I’m pretty impressed.

I highly recommend Lauren’s services if you’re a start up, or if you’re ready to level up. I’m a multi-award winning, successful small business owning woman, who has replaced my employee income a few times over by writing. Just writing that still makes me surprised. Lauren has a lot to do with that success.

Jay Crisp Crow